Friday, September 9, 2011

handprint craft.

today we went to the park (pics from that later) and then came home to do a fun craft!

i figured since it is the start to a new school year, id do a "keepsake" craft. and kids love paint so... ;)

the only thing not pictured or listed is FABRIC GLUE! :) thats how everything is secured.

canvas handprint craft

easy peasy:

paint hands, stamp them onto the canvas.

paint the wood letters - let dry.

measure out fun ribbon, attach with fabric glue.

add buttons to corners.

secure the letter on.

let all dry :)

and dont forget to date it on the back!!

we may add to these later, but we'll see - live and learn and get more creative next time! but for now, i love them!


  1. This is great! Come over to Growing up Gardner and link this up today :)

  2. This is adorable and I love it! Def. going to steal

  3. cute project! an adorable way to remmeber how little they were