Monday, September 5, 2011

lakehouse labor day 2011.

so this morning we packed the girls and the car up and headed to my parents cabin :)

what a fun day!! and the girls looooved being out on the water on the little boat. next time i need to convince my dad to let us out on the big speedboat LOL

9-5-11 lakehouse1

i want to note that the hair in these first pics of sawyer is NOT my fault. i put her hair in a ponytail. somehow along the 2 hour drive, she found this bow in her seat pocket and then wanted to give herself a "didnt curl up my hair today" mullet. good times.
9-5-11 lakehouse2

9-5-11 lakehouse3

9-5-11 lakehouse4

9-5-11 lakehouse6

9-5-11 lakehouse7

9-5-11 lakehouse AE sb

9-5-11 lakehouse SE sb

9-5-11 lakehouse12

this is as good as it gets sometimes hahaha in these next pics - lets remember im PREGNANT lol
9-5-11 lakehouse13

9-5-11 lakehouse RA sb

aidan stayed overnight with nonny and papa!!!
9-5-11 lakehouse16

sawyer didnt make it 5 mins home.
9-5-11 lakehouse17

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