Saturday, October 29, 2011

and pose.

sawyer on thursday. it was chilly. but she wanted a pic in her boots so we ran out for 30 seconds. and im so glad we did.
dress and boots2

her yelling at the dogs to get back inside LOL
dress and boots1

yesterday, while reese napped, i tried to put everything together for their costumes. reese has a thing 3 shirt ;) but she's not going ToTing so she doesnt have the WHOLE outfit ;)
A and S costumes1

A and S costumes2

A and S costumes3

A and S costumes7

A and S costumes4

A and S costumes6

A and S costumes5

we also made halloween tees!!! wtg on my painting skillzzzzz!!
halloween tees SB


  1. adorable shirts! I've been stealing your craft ideas lol but I think I will pass on the shirts, maybe christmas ones lol since halloween would seem like a waste.

    Fabric paint? How many washes does it last?

  2. Oh, and the b&w of them looking at each other, priceless.

  3. haha yeah, i dont even know if they will last through ONE wash? all i need them for is monday at their preschool - bc they arent having costumes at school (likely too distracting lol) - so they are doing these with their tutus. after that - likely folded up and put up never to be used again.

  4. Isn't Halloween the best holiday? :)