Thursday, October 27, 2011

getting chilly.

its getting coooold here (lol okay, 50's haha)

so today i put aidan in the one piece of mizzoni i got from target LOL (cell)

and i am 25 weeks pregnant :)

yesterday. silly reese. and her side-eye with lily.

funny reese4

funny reese SB

funny reese5

tuesday. aidan and i played with the "photo booth" on the mac. LOL

me and aidan storyboard

reese fell asleep while eating dinner. with her bottle in her mouth. lol pardon her messy face ;) it was literally DURING sketti ;)
funny reese1

monday - g-pa mark and g-ma liz were here!! :) sawyer showing off her new dress ;) (cell)

sat/sunday - shoots. yawn. i am tired. haha

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