Tuesday, October 4, 2011

pumpkin patch.

saturday i had a shoot in downtown dallas :) a photog friend from out of town was here and came with - she got me in action lol


sunday, no pics from me, but sawyer got this one of aidan on my cell ;)

yesterday, reese and i hit up the pumpkin patch with a playgroup :) we'll be taking the rest of the girls this wkend! reese had a blast.

as i said on FB - thats a play knife lol and reese uses it for protection ;)
pumpkin patch1

pumpkin patch2

this pic had me laughing. the tired stare, the hand...
pumpkin patch3

pumpkin patch4

pumpkin patch5

pumpkin patch6

bad edits while playing with open sun haha
pumpkin patch7

pumpkin patch8

reese laid down to relax.
pumpkin patch9

pumpkin patch10


  1. Oh yes... the tired stare & hand... love it. I'm also impressed she was keeping up in a race with Anna. :)

  2. She's such a cutie! I love your girls' red hair, they're just adorable!