Tuesday, October 4, 2011

tape/paint craft.

oh come on - two of the most fun things ever! lol

after chatting with a friend on friday about "ugh what craft should i do today" woes, she lent me this idea :)

All you need is paint, painter's tape, and a canvas :)

(p.s. i just got TWO 16x20 blank canvases from hobby lobby for $7.99 THEN 40% off. so check them out!!)

first, you put the tape down. curved letters are hard. lol i just asked them what they wanted. next time i could come up with something way cooler, i bet haha
tape paint craft SB1

get your paints ready :) i did a diff brush for every color bc i hate washing them in between.
tape paint craft3

i helped them paint over the letters first. then sent them on their way. the hardest part is reminding them that they have to cover the all of the white LOL not just the blue tape ;)
tape paint craft4

tape paint craft SB2

peel tape off! ta-da!
tape paint craft9

tape paint craft SB3


  1. Love it!!
    I was so mad I bought some canvas from AC Moore a few weeks ago and then went to hobby lobby and it was so much cheaper!
    Never again will I fail to not use Hobby Lobby!!

  2. This is a really cute idea. I already did your handprint craft last month. Great ideas!

    ~Lori (fordlor)