Thursday, November 24, 2011


the title sums it up, pretty much.

we first have sisters. doing each other's hair. and calling one rapunzel bc, well, she likes it.
A and S princess1

A and S princess2

then we have my ever growing belly. 29 weeks today.
29 weeks1

and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! ::gobblegobble:: we went to my parents. and had a great time and delicious food.

this was before we left this morning - watching the muffins.
2011 thanksgiving1

aidan in her new apron helping nonny cook.
2011 thanksgiving3

2011 thanksgiving2

2011 thanksgiving4

why does reese always look sneaky?
2011 thanksgiving5

sawyer wanting to help
2011 thanksgiving6

2011 thanksgiving7

2011 thanksgiving9

look who found 96 crayons!
2011 thanksgiving10

my naked chef. making mashed potatoes :)
2011 thanksgiving11

2011 thanksgiving12

2011 thanksgiving13

this past month, i was lucky enough to do a photo swap with Alyssa Maisano Photography <--- click and go *like* her on FB!! i got to hold and photograph her sweet newborn baby girl - and she had to deal with the skelte hellions ;) here are some of the great shots she took!! (i mainly edited, fyi!) us xmas-1

us xmas-2

us xmas-3

us xmas-4

us xmas-8

us xmas-11

us xmas-12

omg this is a warning to all 5-heads. wind is the devil.
us xmas-5

us xmas-7

us xmas-6

ok and lastly, and having nothing to do with family? lol we saw santa 2 days ago. and by "we" i mean A and R. sawyer said heck no. the photo is juuuust how i like it ;)


  1. aww @ the santa pic. I don't even think we are going to attempt it this year. Morgan would probably do OK but Peyton screams "he's going to get me! bite me!" while waking past him in the

    Gorgeous family pics! You look great! I seriously don't know how you do it, you are like a god amungst (sp) moms.

  2. haha thank you so much <3 thats super sweet of you. i feel like an elephant, though LOL

  3. Oh yes - the weird/scary Santa pics are classic, of course. Treasured for years to come. (;

    Love the pics of your fam - my fav is the first one of you and EJ. So cute!!

    And btw, I think you look really small for 29 wks, lol. I would think with #4 your belly would be much bigger. :p

  4. thank you!! and el oh el, i feel like my belly isnt so small haha but thanks... i was about the same size with reese!