Friday, November 11, 2011

reese is 18 months.

wow. time flies, eh?

my sweet girl.

pics today. stats when we go to the dr.

18 months about me

18 months1

18 months2

i.cant. this face has my dying laughing. its so her.
18 months4

18 months5

18 months6

18 months7

sweet baby :)
18 months8


  1. WOW - 18 mons?! When in the world did that happen??

    And she is soo pretty! And big! Btw, is that a birthmark inside her eye, or a scratch? Lol I feel like I've seen that mark on her before. . .

    Oh, and p.s.; I wonder what hair/eye color combo #4 will have. Hmm, perhaps. . .blue eyes and red hair? Lol. (;

  2. haha i know! so big!!

    and thats a scratch lol youve prob feel like youve seen it before because she is too fast for her own feet and runs into everything HAHA.