Friday, November 11, 2011

yawn. busy season.

so saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday --- i had shoots. i was not really in the mood to pick my dslr up for anything else. which is annoying, but so be it.

this season has been so busy. and i am truly blessed for being this booked. its more than i could have dreamed of.

but alas - here are some cell pics. and a belly pic.

i dont remember when these were from but they are cute ;)

reese's juice and cheerio mess.

pic i sent my mom of the girls begging to see her ;) haha

When aidan writes her name on the back of things, she writes it all backward so that if you looked *through* the front, itd be correct lol ::paranoia::

bowling last week?

on wednesday, sawyer went with me to the baby doc ;)

belly shot from yesterday -- 27 weeks :)
27 weeks1

EJ went camping for a bachelor party this wkend -- i tried on his backpack LOl

he looks better.

ok stay tuned -- im uploading reese's 18 month pics in 1 min :) yay!! in a new post...

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