Thursday, December 1, 2011

after the holidays.

sigh. i need to catch up but i am going nuts lately with things around here.

friday. we went to the xmas tree lighting. A and S being silly. (cell)


saturday. wedding of our good friends R and R :) :) :) i'll have more pics later, but here are just some from A and S that night (reesey stayed home with a sitter).
A and S dancing SB

A and S dancing5

and to see the BEFORE on this pic (and a color version) --- check out my other blog:

sunday. shoot.

monday. silly aidan during nap. lol

tuesday. i put 'mallows in our cake mix. so what. LOL
mallow cake1

aidan helped me cook (cell)

wednesday. waiting at the dr for reese's appt. another kid with an EI.

today. i am 30 weeks!!
30 weeks1

random cell pic from the week lol sawyer had flipped her mattress and fallen asleep like this. wtf.

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  1. omg! The wedding pictures are beautiful & I can't stop laughing at the sleeping Sawyer pic!