Tuesday, December 20, 2011

aidan is 5.

how is that possible? seriously.

5 years ago i was staring at this 6lb 11oz little wide-eyed bundle. for HOURS after she was born, she just... stared around. she barely cried when she was born. she gave a little "ehhh so its YOU, eh?" whine and then that was it.

and now youre telling me to send her off to kindergarten next year?

nope. not having it.

i teared up (ok, kinda cried lol) a few times today just thinking about how lucky i am. and how i cant believe how quickly the past 5 years have flown. aidan saw me tearing up when talking about it today - she asked me "please dont cry again when i turn 6, okay?" lol

i have a 5 year old. a sweet, sensitive, compassionate, funny, silly, slightly shy, but totally crazy, loving, and big hearted 5 year old. who sings to crying sisters and rubs tired heads. who exclaims that she "JUST LOVES YOU!" when she's frustrated and just has to get it out. and who has 2 (almost 3) girls who have an amazing girl to call their big(gest) sister.

a friend to everyone. the nice girl. the teacher's pet. she can sound out letters and words. and spends her free time figuring out what words rhyme and seeing if we can name some compound words. lol she likes to color, write, practice letters and tattle on sawyer ;)

aidan, i love you. you changed our lives in ways that you could never understand and i thank God for you everyday :)

let me backtrack.

friday night we went to splitsville (with intentions of bowling, but the wait was 2 hours) but we did eat. we got home and there was a package from mark and liz!! :)

saturday, i had a shoot. :)

sunday was aidan's party!! we did it super small bc the plan is for her to have a "friends" bday party in jan - as long as i can book the place lol (toss that under "things to do". sigh)

before her party, though, we went to take her 5 year old photos. so much fun. i just adore her.

5th bday6

5th bday5

5th bday2

5th bday7

5th bday8

5th bday9

5th bday1

5th bday sb4

5th bday13

5th bday18

5th bday sb3

5th bday sb2

5th bday19

5th bday20

5th bday21

5th bday22

5th bday3

5th bday23

and a small comparison. she's not a baby anymore. :tear:

party time!

party sb6






party sb5

party sb4

rachael told aidan she'd give her princess makeup :) and sawyer played, too! they loved it!!
party sb2

party sb3

party SB1

yesterday (on her actual bday) i woke her up with a happy birthday song. well, i didnt wake her up - she was already in sawyer's bed and they were quietly watching a movie ;)

then this morning, i grabbed some "now youre 5!!" morning photos. lol and 2 of sawyer ;)
birthday wake up1

kinda missed the focus on that 2nd one LOL
birthday wakeup sb2

birthday wakeup sb1

eek! pink!
birthday wake up sawyer

speedlight/catchlights gone bad? eh? haha
birthday wake up9

happy birthday my lovey dovey :)


  1. She looks so much bigger!!
    Great pictures, as always!!

  2. She's too adorable! Love the photo comparison between last year and this year.

    Where did you get that alphabet pillowcase??

  3. thank you guys!!

    its actual a whole bed set from target :) they just swap out sheets/pillowcases, etc too often for it to always match ;)

  4. she is so beautiful! I adore that little miss sunshine shirt...can i ask where you go it?

  5. target! :) its xs in the little girl section though -- i dont know that they had it in toddler if thats what you need :)