Thursday, December 15, 2011

end of season and xmas parties.

i had shoots sat and sunday. end of season. sigh. its so nice to get closer and closer to maternity leave... although i keep booking in my maternity leave LOL no families, but portraits and newborns are so hard to say no to.

anyway. cell from this wkend.

monday - cells before school.


reese came down that night just to cuddle with EJ. lol

tues -

some bathtime/shower with reesey.
bathtime with reesey3

bathtime with reesey SB

craft time! teacher gifts <3 coasters. so so easy. 1. blank tiles. 2. mod podge on tiles. 3. scrapbook paper on MP. 4. MP on all of it. 5. another layer of MP. 6. clear acrylic. 7. felt on the back. cell pics. Photo_885CE9F7-00ED-4F53-2C5A-55F7E4E88B84


wednesday - aidan's xmas party!! (all mostly sooc)
A and S xmas parties1

pin jesus in the manger!
A and S xmas parties7

A and S xmas parties9

book swap.
A and S xmas parties11

A and S xmas parties SB3

A and S xmas parties17

A and S xmas parties21

aidan and alex. duh.
A and S xmas parties22

thurs - sawyer's xmas party! :) (all mostly sooc)
A and S xmas parties23

with baby jesus lol
A and S xmas parties25

A and S xmas parties26

A and S xmas parties SB2

reese came to sawyer's :)
A and S xmas parties28

A and S xmas parties29

A and S xmas parties SB1

reese didnt want another pic ;)
A and S xmas parties32

before sawyer's party today, i went to the gym - and then got ready there (in peace and quiet haha) and snapped a 32 week belly pic.


  1. Yes, Thing 3. Scary in a cute way :)
    MP coasters? Are you serious? Pinterest wasn't lying? It's that.easy.
    And you at the gym. Seriously...<3

  2. You look awesome!! All the pics are great!