Saturday, December 31, 2011

washing away 2011.

i did love this year.

reese became a toddler with sass and curiousity.

sawyer became a big(ger) girl with imagination and wonder.

aidan became a big kid with intelligence and emotion.

nye bath sb

and now we have 2012... where we meet miller paige. who knows what she'll be like - but i am certain that she'll bring us the most amazing amount of joy and teach us, yet again, what its like to love something so small that you barely know at all.

nye 20113

and here, i guess i should say, closes ANOTHER year of photo: 365.

my third year.

I am undecided on if ill be doing 365 again. i'll obvs be blogging regularly, but i know i am doing this --- so join us :)

just pick up your camera, have fun, and get creative :) i cant wait to see what you come up with.

happy new year. and thank you for reading for 2011... and even before that...

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