Thursday, December 8, 2011

winding down.

as this photo season winds down, i am starting to get even more anxious about miller coming! haha its so soon! we had an u/s today, but first let me catch up.

friday - A and S on the bed.

sat - aidan out in the rain
princess rain1

sunday - ikea! reese fell asleep lol (cell)

monday - newborn shoot and then got my xmas card of reese ;)
reese xmas1

tuesday - here's how i knew sawyer was getting sick... this is what happened tues evening. on the couch. which is rare.
sawyer sick SB

wednesday - sawyer was sick. super sick. she had 104 in the morning and *said* that her ear hurt so i took her to the dr. im not a fever freak, but 104 makes me ::paranoia:: anyway, after a long long day, she finally dropped the fever and has been a bit better today.

i also had aidan's "birthday month!" party at school. which was so cute. and i have pics to prove it --

WHEN FINALLY my cell works :( i have a loner phone right now so my photos from yesterday arent available :( except for this one of my delish breakfast my mom made me when i dropped R off to take S to the dr. (bc i uploaded it to FB)

today - 31 weeks today! went to the dr and got a few pics of cute little miller paige. and although i never believe their weight guesses via u/s, they said that she was 3lbs 11oz right now (which is the 36th %ile) if i get an 8lb'r i'll be shocked haha
2011-12-08 13.00.25

2011-12-08 13.01.52

31 weeks1

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  1. I can't believe you only have 9 weeks left! Poor Sawyer! Glad she's on the mend.