Friday, December 9, 2011

xmas ornaments.

today for crafts we did snowmen and reindeer ornaments :)

A has snowmen with hats.

S has snowmen with scarves.

and then S did a reindeer one -- (aidan's fell and shattered lol we'll make her another one this weekend, im sure)

xmas ornaments blog size

i cant decide if i want to tackle this with reese or not! haha

1. paint their hands.
2. put the ornament in their hands and have them "hold" the ornament (hobby lobby has cheap empty ornaments right now)
3. add detail -- i want to get glitter for the next set to put inside :)


  1. love these! what kind of paint did you use and what did you use to paint on the details? just a small paintbrush???

  2. nm...found the tut on pinterest. ;-) thanks for sharing!