Tuesday, January 17, 2012

day to day.

here are a few randoms from the past few days.

a recap of sunday... my parents got into a car accident -- so here's the post about that on pv3.


kitchen shenanigans.
kitchen silly1

kitchen silly2

kitchen silly3

kitchen silly4

look at her hair!!!
kitchen silly5

kitchen silly6

kitchen silly7

last night A and S came downstairs and we wondered why their faces were so red... and why they smelled like lipgloss... oh!! because its on their face!!

diy makeup SB


  1. I can't believe Sawyer's hair; she went from Baldie to Rapunzel in what seems like overnight, lol!! Totally cute. (:

  2. I can't believe how big Sawyer is getting!! And I can't wait to see Miller... do you think she'll have red hair? :-P

  3. haha! i know her hair is crazy!!

    and yeah, i bet M has red hair ;) maybe blonde... but i doubt it lol