Monday, January 2, 2012

A is for.

letter A storyboard

if youre not playing with us for photo: 52 - ABCs on facebook, you need to join us :) all you have to do is post (at least) ONE photo a week that has to do with the corresponding letter! we'll go through twice... just read "info" on the page for details!

letter A1

some more A's from today ;)


since as i was making dinner, and the kids were in my space, i gave them a job :) to clean up my tupperware cabinet.
kitchen help1

kitchen help2

kitchen help3


at dinner reese showed me her cheeeeeese face with a bit of mess ;)
kitchen help4

and this, having nothing to do with A, is just something i love. aidan was helping EJ with a built in that he made today. but she wanted a place to sit. so he pulled out my dad's old old bike. aidan said that she wanted to fix it up and ride on it with him lol

papa's bike2

(the band on the left is from me "peeking" out the door haha)
papa's bike1

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