Sunday, February 19, 2012

getting into the swing of things.

the past (almost) 2 weeks have been awesome. im gonna try to write a blog entry on PV3 about it later today so look for it there :) this blog is, of course, for photos, mainly and not my blathering ;)

first of all, i got these pics from Lily Toes Photography the other day ;) ashley came and stopped by while we were sitting around waiting for miller to come (and hopefully, ill be doing the same thing for her tomorrow when she has HER little baby). i edited these, though - and its only my WM bc its on my blog lol but she took these and im glad she did --- i rarely get pics of me and EJ :)

and here are some randoms from yesterday.

funny thing is that she doesnt like the swing MOVING lol

silly at home1

watching EJ update the office... again...
silly at home2

oh hey silly!
silly at home3

bathtime for ASR!
18 feb bath SB