Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the master bath.

not only is it where the biggest tub is, its also where my closet is.

sawyer found my "mexican cruise dress" lol and a purse.

1-31-12 bathtime1

then they all get in the tub. one of their fave things to do is wash reese. or at least help with the first scrub down ;)
1-31-12 bathtime SB2

or a train of hair time.
1-31-12 bathtime5

or sometimes just some hugs and kisses.
1-31-12 bathtime SB1

eta: its also where i take belly pics ;)

ill be 39 weeks tomorrow. (sawyer should never be allowed to brush out her curly hair LOL its like a mane!!)


  1. you are all belly mama!!! Your girls are adorable and I can't wait to "meet" Miller! <3

  2. So cute! (: Btw, what's the news on M's room? We haven't seen one pic yet!

  3. cute! the triple bath is quite a challenge for us (#3 doesn't sit well yet to go in the bath w/o a bumbo but she hates it so tries to tip herself out of it - fun times!!!)...i can only imagine what a quadruple bath will be like for you!!

  4. thanks guys!!!

    and yeah, jill, its a ton easier when they can all sit nicely ;)

    and M's room is not, erm, done haha we are slackers.