Thursday, February 9, 2012

miller paige part 2.

alright, well we are home, happy, and back to the daily stuff. A and S went to school today, i went to lunch and the store and took M, EJ hung out with R and she napped without interruption.... good day :) i set up for trying a few newborn shots with miller today, but we had a few complications lol --- 1. i needed to clip/file her nails and realized that after she scratched herself 2. i, erm, hurt a bit and so i need to set up my stuff a bit higher so i am not trying to sit on the ground and 3. she's a bit young still and everything startles her. the next few days will be better :)

anyway, there's a lot of photos here -- going through her birth day. :)

a lot id say most of these (like the ones with the girls in the l&d room) are SOOC. that tungsten light is not my friend and EJ is no birth photographer haha

set up
M day 11

welcome to the world, sweet girl!!
M day 12

7lb 10.5oz
M day 13

M day 14

20" long
M day 15

my parents came up with matt and the girls afterward :) i need to get some of the pics my dad got, too -- these are just ones EJ took.

this pic only makes me laugh. my face is like "oh dear. and here is 4!!" lol
M day 16

M day 17

M day 18

M day 19

M day 110

M day 111

i tried to take a pic with reese lol she was too busy wanting down to eat more of the food that they brought me
M day 114

4th in the collection of footprint shirts. swoon.
M day 115

after everyone left that night, back in post-partum, i had to check out the hair for myself.
M day 116

M day 117

the first morning...

trying to be serious.
M day 141

too bad he failed lol
M day 119

M day 120

out like a light with EJ
M day 121

oh good morning!
M day 122

andy, nik, and rylan came and visited!!
M day 123

he came in a polo with this t-shirt underneath haha. it was perfectly hilarious
M day 124

cousin kisses!
M day 125

then my mom brought A and S back up :)
M day 126

i love this one
M day 127

M day 129

M day 128

miller has spent most of her time in this spot.
M day 130

M day 131

i had to go to the bathroom and peeled her off of my chest and gave her to EJ without changing her position... swoon.
M day 132

M day 133

goodnight #2 sweet girl.
M day 134

M day 135

time to go home!!
M carseat

sleeping like reesey always did - like she's on a beach haha
M day 138

M day 139

M day 140

ive spent most of the past couple of days soaking it all in. i never want to put miller down. even while awake for most of last night (lol), i just was so happy she is here :) now i should probably go lay down for a bit of a nap - gotta stay sane. ish.


  1. she already looks like a mini *4 just beautiful Amanda (and EJ)

  2. Oh my goodness....this is cuteness overload!! I love love love the sibling pictures, and the last picture she looks like EJ! Adorable mama!

  3. Awesome story! Now where are the links to the other girls' stories? :-D

  4. congrats! she's really beautiful.

  5. Congratulations, Amanda! She's beautiful!

  6. Congratulations! She's beautiful!

  7. Love this post - enjoy the baby bliss! And I agree, she looks an awful lot like EJ.

  8. She is so beautiful just like all your girls! I think she looks like EJ in these pics. too.

  9. Congratulations! Your four girls are adorable!

  10. Replies
    1. Such beautiful daughters! Congratulations on your lastest little love!

  11. Beautiful! I LOVE all of the pictures. Pricesless.