Tuesday, March 27, 2012

bluebonnets 2012.

this is post number 700. and i couldnt think of anything better than to post bluebonnet pics from this year :)

eta: oh and if youre wondering "where's reese?!" the answer is that she would laugh DOWN a hill *away* from the bluebonnets. and if you know her at all - that means she'd fall. lol then she broke out into a rash. good times.

2012 BB1

2012 BB12

2012 BB15

2012 BB17

AS kiss SB

2012 BB14

AS smiling SB

2012 BB18

aidan spin bluebonnets

AS dance SB

2012 BB19

sawyer spin bluebonnets

2012 BB26

AS point SB

2012 BB2


  1. oh.my.hell. I'm dying here. beautiful.

  2. THERE ARE NO WORDS for how gorgeous these are.

    PS love the red boots and her twirling....

  3. stunning. the aiden and sawyer photos just melt my heart!!

  4. Perfect!

    Love the ones of A&S, super sweet.

  5. Okay these sister pictures are killing me! Especially of Aiden and Sawyer. The spinning each other, and the hugging and kissing. I am currently expecting #2 and these pictures make me hope (for my daughters sake) that I'm having another little girl. (Though I also have a thousand reasons I want a boy. haha!).

  6. Gorgeous!! My favs are the first and last, and the one right above Aidan's portrait head shot. Just lovely. < 3

  7. Seriously I LOVE these - ahhhhhhhmmmmmmaaaaaazing!!! :) They make my heart smile!

  8. I'm so jealous that you have kids who pose (and twirl) so perfectly with the bluebonnets.