Thursday, March 15, 2012

curly head.

only my kids look good when its this humid ;)

reese's hair after a shower is awesome! so this morning when we played outside, i brought the 85 out with me for some pics of just her :)
st patty reese1

she has the funniest faces. most include a wtf face. or a cheese face.
st patty reese3

st patty reese2

sneaky sneaky reesey. (yeah, these 2 are OOF. i cant bear to cut them today though haha i was BFing miller at the same time)
st patty reese SB

st patty reese4

for fun, this is *aidan* at reese's age :)


but now, my 35L came ;) so i need to go finish focus tests and test shots :) ::waves::

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