Tuesday, March 6, 2012

miller is 1 month.

fastest month of my life.
1 month quilt2

ive said before, i really am trying to focus on the small stuff this time. to enjoy every moment - no matter how stressful it may seem.

1 month quilt5

1 month quilt6

1 month quilt4

i have no idea how much she weighs - our next dr appt is at 2 months.

she is still weearing newborn clothes.

loves to be worn. i put her in the babyhawk mei tei or moby almost every day -- either to get the girls from school or just while im making dinner. its a guaranteed nap.
1 month house1

she is usually a cluster feeder. and then she'll take a nap. sometimes she crashes wherever.
1 month couch SB

and sometimes, she has to sleep swaddled in her bedtime spot.

she sleeps in the motion glider inside the pack n play lol so its a nice incline.

her longest nap is in the afternoons after i get the girls from school - so about 3pm til 7pm or so. usually. in the mornings, she is awake a lot. and eats a lot. and naps in the car or cart while we run errands lol

she gets overtired so quickly. if you miss her window, she will cry. and cry. and then have to eat again. so my best advice to myself is to put her down and then just go in and put the paci back in if need be.
1 month quilt3

because when she is OUT, its for a while. she just isnt good at cuddling awake anymore haha - she just fusses and basically tells me "hey, im tired." so when she gets to that point, i have a minimal amount of time to get her ready for sleep.
on blanket

at night, she usually goes to sleep between 8pm and 9pm. and then wakes up for the first time around 2am? sometimes i get an extra hour or so. and then she's up again at 530am or so.

at that point, i just bring her in bed with me, dream feed, and then we wake up at 730am.

breastfeeding is going well. i had/have a clogged duct that im trying to get out that hurts like hell. but overall, its going smoothly. i am super nervous about starting to have shoots again... ive been pumping to build up a nice stash that EJ can bottle feed her if need be while im gone. but im still so ::omg:: i am sure itll be fine... right? lol

miller is such a delight. really. i love when she's awake and just loves to look around. her neck is so strong and she just lifts her head up to get a better look at the world. when she smiles (gas or not - im not picky) my heart melts.

we love you, squirt. happy 1 month birthday.

1 month quilt1


  1. Squee! So glad to hear you're having an easier time nursing. Lucky girls, you and Miller both <3

  2. PS I'm Leslie/Faster...I can't get it to log me in LOL

  3. thank you! <3 i am super happy about it.

  4. OMG that first picture is so completely EJ!

  5. I can see the difference in your demeanor this time around, compared to your other girls. You can tell that it's much more about enjoying your time with her, and less about focusing on moving forward with everything you have to do (while having her). Good job on soaking it up. She's a beauty. :)

  6. She is adorable. And OMG your header. LOL. Cant wait to see all these kiddos. Come to Baylor sometime this summer!

  7. I am in love!!! She is beautiful!!!

  8. She is beautiful, just like your other daughters.

  9. Your kid is ok I guess. Just send me that quilt asap.

  10. For the clogged duct try hot compresses, blasting it with hot water in the shower, rubbing in circles toward the nipple while nursing & pumping, if possible (based on clog location) point her chin toward it while she nurses.

  11. Many congrats!! I check your blog ever since you commented on mine. And, I'm so happy for you and your family with another sweet little girl!! She's adorable!! Of course, your pictures are amazing, and your creativity is inspiring. Best of luck, and ENJOY these first months :)

    Shawna, www.sixstechers.blogspot.com