Sunday, March 4, 2012

sawyer's first haircut.

yeah at over 3.5yo lol

and aidan got a haircut, too, but no pics of that lol

after they took out her ponytail LOL
sawyer's first haircut1

then she brushed it out
sawyer's first haircut2

sawyer's first haircut3

sawyer's first haircut4

she was saving curls for me ;)
sawyer's first haircut5

sawyer's first haircut6

after. even all the way around. lol no more "rapunzel!!!" mullet.
sawyer's first haircut7

then i took them to get their nails painted :)
sawyer's first haircut8

weird light on her face
sawyer's first haircut9

thanks for the eye contact, sawyer!
sawyer's first haircut11

happy with her sis.
sawyer's first haircut10


  1. I hope you can get a picture JUST LIKE THIS on her wedding day or something, getting her nails done with this exact expression and compare the two...

    1. That is a great idea. You should do that. I'm sure that she'd love it.

  2. Wow, you're very brave - considering it took like literally 3.5 years to get her hair this long, I don't think as her mom I would have ever cut it, LOL.

  3. My Abbie turned 3 in November and we finally evened out her mullet about 2 months ago!

    Sawyer looks so cute!!!