Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter 2012.

today we hosted easter!! my parents and brother/sil/niece came over (and other brother later lol) :) it was so much fun.

i promised myself that i would get photos. family photos. it was a must.

so some of these may be as good as it gets! but i love them.

i also realize that i am *ready* for the gym in 3 weeks ::paranoia::

easter sunday1


bwhahaha EJ cooked the meal. this was him relaxing before people got there ;)
easter sunday4

nonny and papa's easter basket time!! (fwiw, i did not get pics of opening ours. it was too early this morning. lame me. but i was tired. and feeding miller)
easter sunday5

this is the barbie mermaid movie doll. we got her the costume, too. which she tried to wear in the bathtub ;)
sawyer sb

easter sunday11

easter sunday12

aidan SB

easter sunday13

easter sunday14

where miller was for dinner.
easter sunday15

easter sunday16

you like how EJ and i are "business" on top and "party" on the bottom? lmao
fam storyboard

easter sunday19

missed the focus in this one lol
easter sunday20

cookies from nikki's mom!!
easter sunday21

easter sunday22

easter sunday23

easter sunday24

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  1. I'm jealous the girls couldn't wear their easter dresses it wasn't warm here at all!

    Glad you had a great Easter, you are looking forward to the gym so much aren't you? lol I would be like NOooooo only 3 more weeks until I have to do work gah! (this is why i got a tummy tuck lol that and my muscles needed repaired in 3 spots!)

    You look fine though!