Friday, April 6, 2012

miller is 2 months.


oh hey there cutie pie :)

2 months old? how did that happen? time certainly does fly, but i am enjoying every min.

lets see. she's a little smiler, for sure.


and thinks that we are all pretty funny. especially her sisters.

her schedule varies depending on what we are doing that day. she's a good car sleeper (as long as we're moving or has her paci haha) but now that aidan is next to her in the new car, that helps.


her longest awake periods are mid morning or late evening when she just takes it all in and looks around


otherwise, she is still a big sleeper during the day :)

she eats at about (give or take, of course) 8am, 11, 2, 5, 8, and then night time depends. very few times she'll wake up at 11pm and want to be topped off. sometimes she'll sleep til 4am and then eat. sometimes, she'll sleep til 6am :) that is my fave haha


im pretty happy about BFing this long so far :) im so much more relaxed about it and NIPing is pretty much a common occurrence lol

she coos. swoon. this is my fave thing she does. you'll see her moving her mouth TRYING to talk and then she'll "goooo" and "ahhhhh" and "goooo" some more. and then smile at herself for doing such a good job ;)

she is overall so sweet natured. just a cuddle bug who we all just are head over heels for.


she wears newborn and 0-3 still. she seems tall, but is still so tiny :) so onesies can still be the littlest ones (just not the feetie PJ's. lol you can see up there that she's grown out of that now).

she sleeps swaddled, on her side, in the pack n play. not in the motion glider anymore :) and sometimes in the morns, i bring her to bed to eat and then she stays there for the last couple of hours. i still wear her a lot, too - esp when i just take her places by ourselves. makes it so much easier.

her fave game is the paci game ::twitch:: but as i said in month 1, she gets overtired easily - so at "bedtime" (i use that loosely of course), i just go in a few times to pop that back in and she's out for a while.

oh miller. what to do with you :) such a sweet little addition to this family.

eta: i wanted to add these from yesterday

last night, before we went out to dinner, we all took showers. so miller was in the glider in the bathroom hanging out and stretching ;)

and yes, that onesie is huge. its 12mo i think. but i didnt want to walk upstairs earlier that day and this is the one aidan brought down. dont worry, i changed her into comfy (well-fitting) clothes before dinner ;)

miller glider SB


  1. I think that just may be the cutest baby I've ever seen! Still looks just like Sawyer lol!

  2. She is SO SO cute!! I can't get enough of her! More pictures ;)

  3. She does look just like Sawyer, skinny and tall even! :)
    Did you finally get your Suburban or did you get something else (minivan?? lol)