Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a new sisterly love.

today we had some aidan/miller and reese/miller bonding time. sawyer wasnt in the mood ;)

9.5w sisters1

aidan picked her outfit out today.
9.5w sisters2

9.5w sisters4

9.5w sisters6

9.5w sisters7

9.5w sisters8

9.5w sisters9

9.5w sisters10

fyi, reese fell on the playground 2 days ago. sigh.
9.5w sisters11

9.5w sisters12

9.5w sisters13

9.5w sisters14

9.5w sisters15

she's not so good at giving her the paci lol
9.5w sisters16

9.5w sisters17

backwards lol
9.5w sisters18


  1. omg i love these. and miller's adorable!! Poor Reese's nose! Ouch!

  2. Omg, i love them all!!! (omg the nose! poor thing!!)

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  4. the paci one(s) made me giggle. And your kids are mega cute.

  5. I love your girls! Poor Reese, that looks like it hurt really bad.

  6. haha when it happened, it was so small and she was over it after a few mins. then all of a sudden - HUGE SCAB. lol we were shocked!