Wednesday, April 25, 2012

on the floor.

who doesnt love a smiley baby on a blanket on the floor? 11.5w2 11.5w1 11.5w3 11.5w4 11.5w5
and cat food. on the floor. thanks reese!
cat food1

when i wanted her to help me clean it - i got this face. lol cat food2


  1. Miller is gorgeous. I can't get enough of that little face!
    Reese is cracking me up with those faces!
    Were these with the 35L or Tokina?

  2. Delia is soooo obsessed with the dang dog food. It drives me insane! Miller has gotten so big!

  3. Your girls are absolutely adorable! Reese reminds me of my daughter Allyson!

  4. It looks like Reese needs to be taken VERY seriously, not just another little cutie in the family! She's very well aware of what's good and what's bad, but not sure what will work the best! Being a third child sometimes sucks!