Tuesday, April 17, 2012

super wide.

so after weeks of angst (snicker) of trying to decide on what lens i wanted to "spice things up" for myself - i had pinned it down to 2. the 100L and the tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 and the tokina won :)

i didnt know how often id actually *want* to do macros. is the 100L my next lens? probably, but for now, i wanted something for myself and my family lifestyle fun happenings. and i just love it.

here are some exaggerated photos to show what it CAN do.

i laid miller down and shot directly over her.
comparison copy

day 1 lens fun3

day 1 lens fun4

from an angle - look how long her leg got! lol
day 1 lens fun5

these 2 are 16mm and so fun bc i could stand right over her.
day 1 lens fun6

day 1 lens fun7

day 1 lens fun8

aidan drew this and wanted to lay next to her lol
day 1 lens fun9

day 1 lens fun10

day 1 lens fun11

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