Monday, May 21, 2012

last day(s) of school 2012.

so school is out for the summer.

and i feel like THIS. lol

but first, this week's events. aidan had field day earlier this week.

graduation morning :) LDOSoutfitSB1 gradSB5 ldosoutfitSB2 aidan graduation5 aidan graduation6

lmaooooo all 4. first of all this is a horrible photo and a horrible edit. but i had to keep it. reese being reese. sawyer and miller embarrassed to be there and nice aidan. aidan graduation7

graduation!! aidan graduation9 aidan graduation10 aidan graduation13

miller was a quiet angel. aidan graduation14

a few things here lol
1. aidan's toddler pic looks a bit like reese. 2. aidan obviously thinks silly faced photos are ridiculous.
gradSB4 aidan graduation15

her class.
aidan graduation20 aidan graduation22


aidan graduation23

these are tilted bc i just threw my camera up to take them lol i was wearing miller at this point gradSB3 aidan graduation28 aidan graduation29

aidan graduation30

aidan graduation1

sweet boy. been in her class for all 3 years. gradSB2

some girl friends gradSB1

aidan graduation33

then later that afternoon i had sawyer's party!
sawyer LDOS1 sawyer LDOS4

teachers :)
sawyer LDOS10

some friends!
sawyer LDOS11 sawyer LDOS13 sawyer LDOS16 sawyer LDOS9 sawyerLDOSSB1

me, duh.
sawyer LDOS14 sawyer LDOS17

sad to leave!
sawyer LDOS19

what a fabulous year. and i cant believe it went so quickly. we are so lucky to have found their awesome school filled with the best teachers around :)

and as a flashback -- look how they STARTED! FDOS w wm

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