Monday, May 7, 2012

miller is 3 months.


miller 3 months1bigwm 

she is so smiley!
miller 3 months3

now she is about 9lbs? and she wears 3mo onesies usually. mainly for height. size 1 diapers.
miller 3 months2

she goes to bed (she sleeps in her crib in aidan's room) at 7:30pm ish and sleeps, usually, til about 3 or 4am. sometimes she wakes up randomly at 1am or so, instead, but thats always my fault lol if i let her take too long of a nap in the evenings - she does that. i let her come into bed and eat at 4am usually... we like that ;)
miller 3 months10

still BFing like a champ. eats every 3 hrs or so - sometimes more. but it just depends if ive disrupted her sleep lol if so, she'll act like she's never eaten before and want to nurse again ;) we pretty much BF everywhere now - im pretty sure all of dfw (and ohio!) has seen my side-boob.
3mo SB2

she has the sweetest little cry. and is happy to sad in 2.2 seconds. she'll be there laughing and giggling and then BAM. she's done and starts to pout. even when switching sides during feeding -- id better move fast enough! she also hate the car. or rather -- stopping in the car ;) so that brings tears as well. aidan sits next to her and can hand her the paci, but still.
miller 3 months15

3mo SB1

she's super content just looking around -- and still smiles immediately when a sister gets into view. they like to tickle her and give her kisses.
miller 3 months11

my fave thing of hers are her ears. hehe they are so cute and tiny and stick out like a little muffin. and so her.
miller 3 months12

but everything about her is so tiny and perfect.
3mo SB4

so happy 3 months, miller paige. i am loving watching you grow.
3mo SB3


  1. Miller is seriously one of the cutest babies I've ever seen!

  2. She is so cute! I love her cry face!!

  3. What a sweet post. What lens were you using in these? If you used more than one, I'm specifically wondering which lens you use to be able to stand over her and still fit all of her in the frame. Or is it just cause she's still so tiny that she'll fit in the frame of any prime lens :) I didn't start actually learning to use my camera until my daughter was around 9 months old : )

    1. hey :) these were all with the 35L :) but i think i was on my tiptoes haha