Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ohio pt. 2

scroll down for part 1 of the trip :)
back to my pics :) i realize some of the settings on there are wacky. thats my bad trying to do too many things at once lol the 3rd day we went to the c-bus zoo!! 3rd day1 3rd day2 3rd day4
uhhh where are the polar bears?
3rd day5 3rd day6 3rd day7 3rd day8
3rd day9 SB18 3rd day11 3rd day14 3rd day15 3rd day16 3rd day17 3rd day18 3rd day19 3rd day20 SB17 3rd day25 3rd day26 3rd day29 SB16 SB15 SB14 3rd day34 3rd day35 3rd day36 SB11 SB12 look at that tired face on the right haha
SB13 hahahaha sigh
SB10 the playground shut down as we were walking over and ooooomg meltdowns after a long day. so the carousel was it :) SB8 SB7 SB9

pics by other people at the zoo ---
6984311438_93d97857ae_z 6984314160_dbb2cdd07b_z 474894_988849740408_37703858_38976379_1771764290_o

flight home...
ohio airport1 ohio airport4 SB3 ohio airport5 ohio airport6
i happened to LUCKILY as if there was a spot for miller's seat on the plane -- i flew to ohio with her in the moby, but then they moved us to a row of 3 on the way back for no charge. phew.
ohio airport7 ohio airport8 SB2 ohio airport10
she was happy!
SB1 back home.
ohio airport17
thanks again ladies for a fabulous wkend. :)

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  1. These are all just great!!! I am so happy that you guys got to meet up and have such a fun time. BTW....you are totally rocking that Tonika!