Tuesday, May 1, 2012


so exactly one year ago, an e-friend of mine flew here to dallas. i love her. oh pam. :) but now it was my turn to go to ohio.

since i am M's food source, i decided to take her and aidan with me. i mean, they are the easiest ;) plus since pam has 4 girls of her own, i knew A and her oldest would get along fabulously.

i cant even explain how fun this wkend was. several other women from BL came and met us in ohio and its amazing how you can be on boards with women for so long... and then are basically in-real-life friends automatically - without question. the laughs... the fun... the KIDS!

ohhh the kids. so many pint sized personalities running around :) plus, seeing these kids in person was such a treat!!

so thank you pam and rob for having us at your house all wkend. thank you jenna, catherine, audrey, tonya, samantha... for meeting us and having fun at COSI and the c-bus zoo <3

...and for drinking, sharing, and having giggle fits with me late into the night.

i love you guys. where do we go next?


so here is my very photo filled wkend. at COSI, i didnt bring my camera, but i stole some photos from my beloved friends - so i'll note those.

at the dfw airport at like 730am
playing with the tokina
within a few mins at pam's house. aidan was already dressing up with pam's oldest :)
1st day1 1st day2
aidan with the twins and E.
1st day3
K and M.
1st day4
new dresses lol
1st day5
pretending M was a newb shoot haha
1st day6 1st day7
1st day8 1st day9
sweet M the next morning!
2nd day1 these next photos are NOT mine. i wore miller in the moby so the camera would not have worked out. so these are what others took of us the COSI day.
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ok -- check the next post for the rest of the wkend so i dont overload on just one!!!

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  1. I love that it is such a small world! :) We live in a suburb of Columbus (Dublin) and go to Cosi several times a year. It's funny to read your blog and see something familiar!