Monday, May 28, 2012

our summer vacation.

so far. a mix of SOOC pics and edited pics. I still have to get up my instagram blog update and reese's 2 year old pics and her final update :) but all that is coming!

a few weeks ago, we went to ashley's house for a slip N slide'n good time ashleyshouseSB
ashleys house1

and celebrate ashley's bday ;) ashleys house2 ashleys house13

all the babies ashleys house9 ashleys house8 ashleys house7 ashleys house6

and this one makes me el oh el out loud. miller and ashley's son denver (2 weeks apart) ashleys house3

we also went to the "beach" in fairview like 2 weeks ago lol can i remind you that shooting in full sun is hard and annoying? mmkay lol 5-18 beach3 5-18 beach6 5-18 beach4 5-18 beach8 5-18 beach1 5-18beachSB1 5-18 beach13 5-18 beach14

and from 1 year ago comparison <3 (taken from FB)


last weekend A and S got their ears pierced. A had begged forever and S was along for the ride. instagram
of course.

A AA A 2 1

the reason i dont have more of sawyer getting it DONE is this. they both got their ears marked and were ready to go. aidan went first. it hurt for a few seconds and sawyer was like "uh no thanks." she thought about it again and aidan begged her not to. said "NOOO YOU CANT LET HER!! it will HURT HER!!" and cried and told sawyer not to do it. lol we go to lunch and sawyer says again she's going to go do it. aidan says she simply cant watch and so i told EJ to just go get it done and that id take the other 3 to the car. when they went back, the girls said they'd just do it really fast so EJ didnt get any pics. BUT they love having their ears pierced and show everyone ;)


  1. Cute! We had Rebecca's ears pierced as soon as the pediatrician said we could get it done(6mos). They did it at the office. She did cry, but not because of the peirce. Because of being held down by "strangers". I'm glad we did it early because she hasn't touched them one bit. You're girls are going to love picking out the next set of earrings.

  2. Where did they get them pierced?