Friday, May 11, 2012

reese madeline is 2!!

today is reese's birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

happy 2nd birthday reesey!!

if you want to take a walk back in time --->

reese's 1st birthday morning.
reese's 1st year montage.

i'll have her 2nd year montage, letter to her, and stat updates when i do her 2nd year pics :) just waiting on her dress that i ordered and then ill do that next week :)

this morning i obviously sang to her ;) as you can see, my vid skills are no better than they were last year lol

and i wish i had better VIDEO software. or remembered to change the WB before i shot lol good thing i know how to do that with my photos lmao

some of my fave things in this video:
1. her saying "no" when i came in and wanting the tent back up so she could sleep.
2. her trying to zip herself back in and saying "nigh' nigh'!!"

2nd bday reese1

with her 'lankie! 2ndbdaysb3

love you silly girl!!! you are sneaky, sweet, and awesome. 2nd bday reese6

also, for fun comparisons ---

waking up sawyer on HER 2nd bday

and here's aidan

i suck at singing lol