Thursday, June 7, 2012

miller is 4 months old.

this goes to show you how hard older kids are to shoot lol

i have like 20 pics here of miller and could barely get reese to hang out for 3 for her 2 year set ;) it always cycles that way. then at 3, it bounds back. but little miller i have captive to my camera until she crawls away... ;)

miller can't believe she's already 4 months!!

miller 4 months1 

she's such a little love. sigh. ok lets go through the stats.

size: she is prob 10 lbs or so. she now fits into 3 month sleepers :)
miller 4 months9
miller 4 months8 

her fave things: smiling with her sisters, "talking" to us, getting overly excited, taking baths, playing underneath her new play mat.
miller 4 months10 

dislikes: pooping. or rather, having poop in her diaper. she ALL OF A SUDDEN will freak out and we'll know she pooped. lol she also hates being overtired and will make you *work* for that sleep. catching her before it hits that point is key. still. and she hates being on her belly.
miller 4 months7 

she sleeps... okay. she sleeps wrapped with her hands up by her face. which is 100x better than pure swaddle. so we're working our way out ;) (how cute is her stretching?! swoon!)

she goes down early evening - like 630/7ish. if i have missed her sleeping window, it can take me 45mins to put her down. if hit it, right after she eats, she goes down no prob. she wakes up 1x at night - that can vary on time. then she's up at like 7am ish. if she is suuuuuper overtired at bedtime, im screwed at night. i just am. so i am being so diligent on taking her cues.
miller 4 months19 

p.s. how cute is this bonnet? my photo bud made it for me for newborn sessions, but i thought id try it on miller, too.
miller 4 months17 
miller 4 months16 
miller 4 months18 
miller 4 months20

she eats when she wakes up and then a bit more before the gym. she takes a bottle at the gym (and sleeps for about an hour). then eats when we get home from the gym. then she naps from like 12-3ish.  bc thats a long morning for her. she eats when she wakes up and then a 1-2x more before bed. like 5 and 630.

she loves her fingers, too. she doesnt suck them all the time, but she does love them.
miller 4 months6 

these were taken with my new 5dm2. ill reference that later ;)
miller 4 months5 
miller 4 months3 

she's just so sweet. happy 4 months old, miller. miller 4 months4 

and a bit of instagram love.

Untitled Untitled #millerpaige A
miller 4 months2

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