Monday, June 4, 2012

reese's 2 year old pics. sort of.

oh reesey. i had big plans. BIG PLANS for her.

i bought this dress (sleeping willow) and also the apron and a bonnet. which is not pictured bc reese apparently hated me this day. then i was going to do a cooking themed shoot. nice light, evening, etc.

here are a few problems.  she goes to bed at like 630/7pm so "staying up late" to do the shoot in yummy light was nearly impossible. but i went as late as i could. and i brought sawyer. reese was already a pain so i decided to just get a cupcake and balloons and go for it.

i have a few more sitting in lightroom, but these are my faves for now :)

first off. let me tell you a bit about reese.

height: 34" (57%)
weight: 25.6lbs (33%)
head: 18.5 (37%) <--- which i think is wrong as her head seems so much bigger lol


she talks a lot. lots of babble, like aidan did, but many clear sentences. she seemed to learn the key phrases that she needs in life.

"i want down"
"i sit there"
"where my baba"
"where my 'layly" <---- or 'lankie. which is her blankie.
"i want chi'chin" <---- chicken

lol and countless other words.

she is my stellar sleeper. she sleeps from, oh, 630/7pm til at least 8am. she will randomly wake up in the middle of the night to talk for a few mins, but thats it.

she wants to take a nap usually by 11am. but i can make her last til noon ish. she'll fall asleep in the car or wherever, otherwise. she naps for about 3-4 hours.

when she is tired. she stands at the gate with her blankie and says "nigh nigh!"

she loves to take showers over baths. she loves to play in the cozy coupe in the house and wave bye and run around. she loves to cuddle, but not too long ;) ill take what i can get. she is sassy and funny and has no time for other people's shenanigans. i am pretty sure she thinks she's an only child sometimes. but she does love her sisters. and comes up and gives miller kisses on the face. she also will run and get diapers and wipes whenever i have miller in any sort of  "changing" position. reese makes funny faces pretty much all the time and knows when we think she's being hilarious. she's a jokester. and a trickster. and has no fear. EJ is her best friend - then me. but she is such a daddy's girl.

she is a pain in the butt at dinner, but eats really well the rest of the day. recently we figured out she has a bad milk intolerance so she drinks almond milk now - and sadly, doesnt get her fave dairy snacks like she used to. she still has a bottle for bed. and i bring one with us if we're going to be out at bedtime so she can curl up and relax. she can obvs drink out of sippies and cups, but its comfort for her. and i dont care as long as its water at night.

or lemonade at dinner lol


happy 2nd birthday reese madeline. we love you so much. you add such a light to my life that is different than any other. i cant wait to see what this next year will bring you as you start school, potty train, learn to talk even more than you do.... but dont grow up too fast. i love you at this age so much.

im so blessed to have kids that each add something so amazing to each other and this family.

reese road3

oh and after reese went back to the car to sleep (lol. lazy.) sawyer wanted to play with the balloons. (same time of day. different settings)


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  1. can i ask where sawyer's dress is from? <3 it too!!