Sunday, June 24, 2012

summer and reese.

i do love summer. most of the time. texas, though, is HOT.  its already 100deg here :/ but going to the pool at night is nice. we went tonight and just had the best time.

oh and no, A and S did not need puddle-jumpers in the 18" lol, but they like to float. and also then reese wanted to wear hers :)

6-24 pool11 6-24 pool1 6-24 pool2 6-24 pool3

reese likes to relax. lol
6-24 pool4 6-24 pool5 6-24 pool6

she stole his chips ;)
6-24 pool7 6-24 pool8

we'd count to 3 and dip her back lol
6-24 pool9 6-24 pool10 6-24 pool12 6-24 pool13

miller's turn in the floatie. lol ::dies::
6-24 pool14

and just one of reese (but i couldn't decide which i liked better) from the other night.

kitchen1 kitchen1bwfb

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