Saturday, June 9, 2012


the pool is ready so we headed over to my parent's house today.

reese wouldnt get in (lol she just eats and then goes and takes a nap. knucklehead. but we have a puddle-jumper for her too). 

aidan and sawyer had so much fun. even i got in later. and im exhausted from the sun. lol

all with my new 5dmii.

nonny pool1

miller going to sleep. what is so funny is my last post says she hates her belly. well, that tells you how fast babies change ;) she's been wanting to rest and nap on her belly for 2 days now and its glorious. she adores it.

nonny pool2
nonny pool3 nonny pool4 nonny pool5 nonny pool8 nonny pool6 nonny pool7

a good day. with kids who went to be absurdly early lol they were so tired. sweet babies.

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