Thursday, July 12, 2012

the importance of the past.

i went to my parents house today. and they are cleaning out closets and such - i grabbed a handful of photos and just... swoon.

my mom and dad young, us in the 90's, my perm, how big my head was (is?), how much i look like reese sometimes... all of it. i just love looking at old photos.

this only makes me want to PRINT all of my pics. like thousands of them.... so here ya go. have fun at my expense.

so here's a story of a nice catholic school girl.

Scanned Image 21 Scanned Image 20

and an accordion playing fellow lol
Scanned Image 19

who fell in love.

Scanned Image 18

my mom was/is sassy.
Scanned Image 22

and then they had me. duh. and dressed me in fabulous 1980's attire.
Scanned Image 3 Scanned Image 17 Scanned Image 23 Scanned Image 16 Scanned Image 25

and took me to the beach.
Scanned Image 8 Scanned Image 4

and gave me a brother when i was 2.

my gma in this pic.
Scanned Image 26 Scanned Image 24

and then i realized i look like reese.
Scanned Image 2

then i grew up.
Scanned Image 10 Scanned Image 9

and got a perm.
Scanned Image 13

and a sweet jacket.
Scanned Image 14

and a 4th grade boyfriend whose sister's middle name is amanda after me.
Scanned Image 15

and then my mom looked like billy ray cyrus' sister.
Scanned Image 12

omg im still laughing. ill be finding more soon :) :) :)


  1. I definitely reese and a little sawyer in there!

  2. these are amazing! I definitely see the Reese resemblance :) Love old pics!

  3. You know, it's funny how people can see it differently - for most of those photos all I can see is Sawyer! With the exception of the suspenders pic - that's all Aidan for sure. I mean I see a little Reese but definitely about 97% Sawyer.

    Cute pics!