Saturday, July 14, 2012

lots of things.

lots of things going on lately.

lets catch up.

this photo was from last week - aidan wanted to know how cars work.

so EJ took her outside to the jeep to look around. who needs a boy when you have a daughter in an old xmas dress, a tap shoe, and a sparkle shoe. swoon.

aidan car1

i had mentioned in a few places that reese had not been using her right hand. we went for xrays - nothing. then it was supposed nurse maids elbow - no. then i went back and they sent me to a pediatric ortho. who looked at her first xrays and found a tiny fracture. so now she's in the cutest pink cast evah for the next 4 weeks.

she got chicken nuggets for her dramatic day.

i also decided to let miller have some bananas for the first time. and prob the last lol i *hate* doing purees. and she's tiny so breastmilk has more cals. but why not try, right?

i feel like the next solid food she'll be having will be things she can pick up ;) i like that better.

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  1. One tap shoe one sparkle... girl knows how to dress! :)

    And that's awful about your other LO's elbow... tiny casts always break my heart.