Friday, July 6, 2012

miller is 5 months old.

oh hi there little lady.
miller 5 months1

hurray for 5 months!

she is filling out nicely ;) even if she's just a tiny thing! she probably weighs a tiny bit over 11lbs. she wears 3 months clothes (the blue outfit in these pics is 3 months).

she eats the same as she did last month. and naps the same (ish), too. short morning, long afternoon, short evening, then bed.

miller 5 months4

for the past few weeks she has been waking up to eat at like midnight ::twitch:: and then again at 4ish. i am hoping its just the 4 month wakeful that will soon come to an end. last night she slept til 4 and then til 830 and thats waaaay nicer ;)

miller 5 months11
miller 5 months5

she breastfeeds for about 20 mins, id say, for meals. its been a real challenge now that she is so alert and popping off and on and looking around. everyone says "go somewhere quiet!!" but HA! i have others to watch so i just try to keep them entertained so M and i can focus on what she's doing ;)

i am proud of myself for BFing this long, though :) go me! its been so stress-less. and surprisingly, i have thought about stopping any time soon.

miller 5 months9

she still hates the car, loves to be wrapped up (arms up by face, though), loves her gumdrop paci (and only that kind), hates being over tired, loves her play mat and also her sisters.

miller 5 months12

she likes to spit at us now. lol she makes this face.
miller 5 months6

and she also still only rolls from belly to back. she likes her back, though, so the interest to roll back to belly is not there at all.

(notice the belly hate after a few mins haha)
miller 5 months SB

rollllll over.
miller 5 months10

she's just my little peanut still and i just want to smooch her all the time.

miller 5 months8

now for a bit of instagram love :)


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  1. How cute! I like reading about her since she is so close in age to Aven.