Monday, August 27, 2012

aidan's first day of kindy.

aidan's first day of kindergarten was today.

needless to say... i cried. and again, needless to say, she told me "don't crrrrrry, mommy."

i cried this past week thinking that my little best bud was going to be at school which, keep in mind, is not that much more than last year lol she goes from 8-3pm now. last year she was 9-2pm.

but kindy is so different.

its so grown up.

i have an elementary schooler now.

she was so excited. we got her hair cut. we got a new dress. new backpack. new lunch box. new water bottle. she knew she'd have to make new friends - and although that made her nervous, she knows that she's good at it.

while taking her hand and walking her in this morning, i teared up. knowing she'd be dropped off and walking to the lunchroom like a big girl. knowing that she would have more personal responsibility at school. and also knowing that she's the perfect candidate for all of it. she's so mature for her age. so smart. she cant wait learn to read (better than she does now). she loves math and science. she loves crafts and music.

so letting go was hard. but seeing her cute face run up to the car at pick up was worth the tears. she's my big girl. love you, aidan.

(i want to apologize for my 35L crappy-ness. its on its way to canon to be fixed right now)
FDOS kindy18

instagram love on the way. Omg #kindy #backtoschool #cry sign FDOS kindy2 FDOS kindy1 FDOS kindy3 FDOS kindy4 FDOS kindy7 FDOS kindy5 FDOS kindy6 FDOS kindy8 FDOS kindy9 FDOS kindy10 FDOS kindy11 FDOS kindy12 FDOS kindy13 FDOS kindy14

::waves:: bye bye, sweet baby. "i love you, lovey dovey. youre my sweetie pie."
FDOS kindy15

i know you had a fabulously exciting day.

oh and for a flashback...
aidan 3FDOS SB


  1. she's adorable!!!! my ellie's kindergarten orientation is thursday and first full day is friday. oyyyyyyy! she went to PS 3 mornings and i missed she'll be gone all day and my 2nd is off to morning PS 3 days/week too. i'll be sobbing in the corner if anyone needs me! at least i still have my baby girl home with me...for now.

  2. I love these photos, and it also makes my mama heart hurt... this will be me in a couple years :(