Friday, August 10, 2012

miller is 6 months old.

oh my heck time flies.

miller 6 months3

let me start with some stats.

she is probably about 12lbs or so. i have no idea on height or anything (her appt isnt til sept bc of our schedule right now). she wears 3-6 month clothes.
bathroom2 miller 6 months7

she is an okay sleeper. she goes to bed at about 730 and then i usually have to rock her about an hour later but thats it. then she down for a while. recently, she's been waking up at like 3/4am, but thats bc she is boogery lol
she also MOVES all around her crib on her back. she shimmies everywhere. so here is the back of her head tupee.
aug gameroom8
aug gameroom7

still BFing :) yay me! eating same times as usual. little love.
things she can do:

1. roll over both ways.
aug gameroom4

2. sit tripod for a few seconds ;)
miller 6 months1

3. grab for things. like my cell phone. and her toes.


4. stand at the couch if i put her there. lol

5.  be a sweetie pie and makes us smile all day long.bathroom1 miller 6 months4

she is just so fun. happy 1/2 birthday miller :)

aug gameroom6 miller 6 months park1 A miller 6 months5

yes, i realize i only have the iphone3 and therefore my iphone photos suck. im on instagram - punkfictionv4 if you want to follow :)