Thursday, August 2, 2012

sawyer turns 4.

oh sawyer.

the class clown. the crazy kid. the most stubborn. the one who doesn't listen and tells me "youre ruining my life!!" when i ask her to get something from her room or put down the broom in the kitchen. the kid who is unaffected by time outs. whose room is never clean more than 24 hours.

the girl who hasnt worn PJs to bed in over a year bc its not a dress. who wears tulle 95% of the time. who hasnt worn pants in that same year (leggings under dresses are only sometimes okay). and who puts all dresses and skirts to a "spin test" before wearing.

who needs a few more cuddles when she is upset. sawyer's the one who responds best to sweet talk.

i love you.

you are so different than your sisters. and thats my favorite part about you.

she thinks she is a princess and changes her name to suit. chloe, annaliese, etc... and carries a wand regularly.

happy 4th birthday! :) i can't believe how fast time has flown.

here are the party pics, wake up (from nap) pics, and morning video. sweet girl.

you can see her tent contraption on her bed lol clamps and a huge blanket. i cant find a tent that fits that!

i woke her up from nap that day to get some "im four today!!" pics.

sawyer 4th bday room1
sawyer 4th bday bedroom SB2
sawyer 4th bday room2
sawyer 4th bday room10
sawyer 4th bday room11
sawyer 4th bday room12
sawyer 4th bday bedroom SB1

her party (and EJ turned 30 this past wkend, but i'll post that in another blog post) was the day before :) what a wonderful group of family and friends we have. thank you so much for everything.

aidan helped by making little weenies lol
sawyer 4th bday party2 sawyer 4th bday party3

they taught david how to dance.
sawyer 4th bday party4

reese and rylan.
sawyer 4th bday party7 sawyer 4th bday party1 sawyer 4th bday party8

present time!
sawyer 4th bday party9 sawyer 4th bday party13 sawyer 4th bday party16

then it was time for cake. sawyer told us "you have to turn the lights off!!!" before we sang haha

sawyer 4th bday party18 sawyer 4th bday party19 sawyer 4th bday party20 sawyer 4th bday party21 sawyer 4th bday party22 sawyer 4th bday party5 sawyer 4th bday party6 < /br>

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