Monday, September 24, 2012

being ourselves.

things we like to do:

1. be silly.
2. be cuddly.
3. do things as a family.

so thats what this post is about haha

i caught the girls being lovey the other day and then i tossed miller in there. reese scooted over and then my life was pretty much made. sigh.

reading SB1 reading1

then i caught reese being a nut (lol look at miller's face!)
reading8 reading9

on friday night, we went to the balloon festival in plano. we have been a few times and i swear the kids didnt stop talking about last year's until we went to THIS year's. it was so much fun.

fwiw, a lot of these in the storyboards are SOOC.

on our way!! (no, aidan does not sit there ;) we stopped at the store for snacks and she hopped in the back)
plano balloon festival3 plano balloon festival2 plano balloon festival4


highlights of the night ---

1. aidan dancing like a kook.
2. reese OD'ing on muffins.
3. sawyer's amazement of the balloons.
4. being asked if A and S were twins a few times.
5. miller's sweet face.

plano balloon festival5 plano balloon festival6 balloon festival SB5 plano balloon festival18 plano balloon festival20 balloon festival SB6 balloon festival SB4 plano balloon festival23 plano balloon festival26 balloon festival SB3 plano balloon festival27 plano balloon festival31 plano balloon festival38 balloon festival SB2 plano balloon festival41 balloon festival SB1 plano balloon festival39 plano balloon festival40 plano balloon festival42