Saturday, September 8, 2012

her own drum.

sawyer's first dance class (and the beginning of fall semester for aidan) was this past week.

every day since, sawyer has asked to go back.

bc of our weird schedule, on tuesdays, i have to get reese and sawyer from school at 2pm. then aidan at 3pm. and then dance at 4pm.

so we were there early and decided to take some photos playing around in the car :)

9-4-12 before dance1

all of our crap lol
9-4-12 before dance SB2 9-4-12 before dance9

oh look. reesey is asleep lol
9-4-12 before dance10 9-4-12 before dance6

i couldnt get a pic of miller without getting in the back. so peek a boo!!
9-4-12 before dance8 9-4-12 before dance11 9-4-12 before dance12

BFFs.9-4-12 before dance15
9-4-12 before dance16 9-4-12 before dance17 9-4-12 before dance SB 9-4-12 before dance22

then on to dance class! sawyer's is combo ballet and tap :)
sawyer's first dance class1 sawyer's first dance class2 sawyer's first dance class3

i freaking love this one haha
sawyer's first dance class7 sawyer's first dance class8 sawyer's first dance class9 she made a friend!!
sawyer's first dance class10 sawyer's first dance class11

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