Sunday, September 16, 2012

miller is 7 months.

ok she was last week, but i didnt get around to posting this. but now i am ;)
miller 7 months1

what a awesome baby, i have. i mean, she's happy and loves to laugh.
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her favorite past times are bouncing her in jumperoo (funny: i hollered at A and S to "stop bouncing her!!!" bc she was going so hard/high. they laughed, backed up. and BAM - miller was going nutso all by herself lol oops)
Parent tested #millerpaige approved!!!

height: 25.5" (23%)
weight: 12lbs 10oz (< 1%)
head: 16.5" (20%)
miller 7 monthsSB miller 7 months8 miller 7 months4

now i'll tell you a bit about her weight ;) yeah, she's tiny. she does everything on time - her milestones are on point, she's happy, healthy, eats well, has good diapers, but just... small. so for the next month, we are to give her some formula after i BF her. and put flax seed oil in that (and then also her gym bottle). THEN with her food (she's all table food), mix coconut oil into that! bam!

now, we all think she's way bigger than she has been :) so i am not too worried. i love my tiny little bug!

as for the rest - like i said up there ^^^ still BFing and of course, she's obsessed lol her newest "trick" is now spitting (raspberry-ing) my boob when she's done. haha
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sleep sort of sucks. but not too bad. she goes to bed at, like, 7. maybe earlier. then she's good until about 1am. which would be fiiiiine if i went to bed at a decent hour. but i dont. i stay up and read ;) then she sometimes wakes at 4am and then i keep her in my bed until i have to go get aidan up for kindy. then i drop miller down, get A ready and send her to school with EJ. then S comes down, i feed her and finish morning duties, get R and M, and then feed them :) so it works out nicely.
Oh sweet girl #millerpaige #kidinmybed #millerpaige #goodmorning

miller just loves life. and im soaking up every moment :) this is the first time that ive actually LOVED the baby age. ive always said that i am a "toddler mom", but i think thats bc i am always so ready and excited for them to move to the next stage... sitting up, walking, talking... but with miller, im just like "nooo dont do thatttt!!!" i just want to keep her little forever haha
miller 7 months2 #millerpaige #selfie best buds while everyone else is at school!!

anyway. more pics. for your miller (de)lite. <--- see what i did there? hardy har.
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see ya later cutie pie :)
 miller 7 months3


  1. She is so precious! Re: the night situation- have you considered waking her to feed one last time right before you go to sleep? If you feed her and put her back to bed right before you go to sleep, you might get a longer stretch before she wakes again. May be worth trying!

  2. What a cutie she is! I love how tiny she is!! So glad having four girls seems to be so fun and smooth for you! Now go for a fifth ;)