Monday, September 10, 2012

reese's first day of school. ever.

eeeek!! oh sweet girl.

we packed up her lay-lee (blanket) and headed off to preschool last thursday. she goes 2 days a week.

she seemed hyped that morning lol

reese 2012 FDOS6 reese 2012 FDOS1 reese 2012 FDOS2 reese 2012 FDOS5 reese 2012 FDOS8

oh wait this stuff is heavy!!
reese 2012 FDOS7

then it was off to school. when we got there...(disclaimer: sawyer had already tried to get her out - hence the shizzy carseat chest clip lol)
reese 2012 FDOS SB1

"c'mon guys!!" and can i just add that i hate these shoes. but i dont have much of a choice anymore ;) she's such a diva lately.
reese 2012 FDOS13 reese 2012 FDOS14 reese 2012 FDOS15 reese 2012 FDOS16

the teacher said she cried for a while at first. and then was fine. i expected her to fall asleep at, oh, 11am? lol but alas, when i got there, she was just staring into space. im gonna make sure they give her a little drink to go to sleep with tomorrow.

another little baby off to preschool. love you, reesey.

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