Thursday, October 25, 2012

a long week.

this has been a rough week.

a week ago tuesday, reese was sent home from school bc she puked. although it wasnt puke. it was like she gagged on her own phlegm and then spit it up. no big deal, right? we watched her and she seemed fine. we went to a bday party on friday where she was sort of... whiny, but ate lunch and seemed fine.

after that she took a turn for the worse. she didnt eat from saturday onward. she was puking every little thing she drank (mainly gatorade) up. and then she stopped peeing. on sunday, EJ took her to the ER. she was dehydrated at this point and needed an IV. he said it was horrible to watch. but after 2 bags of fluid and some zofran, she came back a bit peppier.

reese sick instagram 3 

we were told she had a UTI and got a prescription for that. honestly, had she had a fever, i would have assumed that early on. but nope - no fever the entire time.

monday was rough.

reese sick instagram2 

she slept all day. the lack of sleep from the day/night before was taking its toll and she was so weak. she still wouldnt eat and we were basically forcing her to drink. and doing droppers of liquid at one point. we kept up on the meds and just hoped she would pee. which she did all monday morning after the IV the night before, but by monday night, she didnt again.

reesey sick1she is usually a nighttime pee-er so we put her to bed and prayed. she woke up at 3am without pee. so EJ took her back to the ER. this time, though, they did not see the same stats as the night before - we had the same nurse... woohooo! but he had reese do a bladder u/s and there were 97mls of urine. waiting. waaaaiiitttinnggg.... to come out.

i went to my parents house with reese and miller on tuesday to just have someone help me while EJ worked. reese and i laid down while they played with miller. wednesday was a bit better... she laughed more. stayed awake more... ate one bite of food...

then today?!

reese sick instagram 

she felt much better!! more laughs... more talking... more awake time! she even ATE FOOD!!! ::confetti:: my sweet girl is finally feeling better and i am so happy. a few more days of abx and she'll be back to normal, silly, awesome reesey.

so thank you, friends, for all the thoughts and prayers. :)

on a different note... while aidan was at dance, i got some pics of sawyer and miller.

dinner time.
messy face1 2012-10-25_003 silly kitchen1
i went to fill the bath up and stuck miller's dirty sketti face in here hahaha
2012-10-25_001  messy face5

all clean!!!
messy face9 2012-10-25_002 messy face8 
 and one selfie in the mirror. haha
messy face10  


  1. Soo glad that Reese is doing much better now. What a horrid and terrifying week. ACK. Yay for health!!! :)